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Why design is so important
Time : 2015/5/23    Clicks : 2535    Public:Shenzhen CHY Technology Co., Ltd

Recently in stemming the information of science and technology, two not too visible news about the "art" is somewhat cold reception, they are all related to Google: 1, five museum and art gallery announced to join Google in mainland China culture institute, which is dedicated to the global digital library collection of rare art treasures, this is the first time to use the online work also in China the "billion pixel" (Gigapixel) technology, you can online as connoisseurs of Chinese landscape painting in each place quiet corner; 2, also in the near future, Google and a large number of art celebrities cooperation to a new project - intelligent following (finally, even following from smart), its space theme can make following pattern shows during the day, overlooking the earth from outer space at night change as charming night sky stars, Google said, hope it can offer inspiration for the artists, the company in the future there will be more similar projects.

Watching the news, especially the second article, I do not know what do you think, although some far-fetched, personally, I immediately thought of uncle Kevin kelly in the science and technology to want what's maxim: "with the development of science and technology, on the whole, the beauty of it will increase year by year, in the not too distant future, luxuriant degree of some parts of the technical elements will be comparable to the grandeur of the nature." KK, of course, the logical starting point is from "the universe, entropy, self-organization, life" the macro so "god perspective" to judge the evolution direction of technology, he regards the aesthetic as a technical element is one of the direction of evolution.

To abandon the fantasy theory, in reality you can feel that, in a sense, the development of science and technology today, is gradually blend with "art". Great leader good jobs concluded: "if you take the computer designers as an artist, they would be more willing to take as can be mass-produced art form, like music, or as printed matter, instead of the traditional art. We hope that through their own media to express their own ideas, but our media is science and technology and manufacturing."

Ok, let's talk about science and technology and art.

Critical design

In fact, talking about the fusion of science and technology and art, personally, I tend to focus on those who locate in life, on the products and services into the aesthetic feeling of things (although I also admit that some derived form of art with the help of science and technology effect cool). And as you know, in nowadays science and technology and humanities looks a little crowded on the intersection of design is a bridge grafting both.

As early as in 2006, President bush announced the "American competitiveness plan", put forward to develop with STEM quality talents, science, technology, engineering and mathematics, sounds a little boring. And in the near future, the upgrade is STEM, turned into STEAM, join A representative of the Arts, art, in the eyes of many researchers, the new system emphasizes students combine technology and art to the ability of solving practical problems.

And the other is a similar phenomenon, entrepreneurial teams in the United States, the designer as a co-founder of proportion seems increasingly, more cannot ignore, seem to any importance to design a technology company in ascension, at least on the surface of said. Just recently, Facebook product design director Julie Zhuo also published in the next decade to the prediction of the design field in silicon valley, such as: "the designer should create is an end-to-end experience, rather than the interface, only exists in the products and services within the screen is no longer the norm, but a few cases"; "Many startup founder will itself as the designer, similarly, more than one hundred people scale technology companies don't may not have the top design"; "People use mostly because of its style and technology experience, rather than purely functional"; "University provides the design of the training program will be a multidisciplinary cross, graduated from these projects designer should not only be the basic image design, but also master the knowledge of hardware and software". "Design thinking is the product thinking"...

In fact, from product development logic will be able to understand why it becomes important to design. In an excess capacity, serious homogeneity and pure Moore's law gradually cannot meet the internal demand of era, people are try very hard to tell a story, and let the product or service, one of the "feelings" landing weight is design of the good and not abrupt.

Be worth what carry is, in the prophecy of Julie Zhuo, one of which is: ten years, the designer will use a completely different set of tools, has a large number of applications, to design and build process become more efficient.

To some extent, for most ordinary users, seems to be the advanced level of science and technology is inversely proportional to the master the relevant professional knowledge, just like the sea silver capital founder Mr Wang Yuquan puts it: "science has reached a tipping point, as the Internet, I began to surf the Internet in 93, and then make up a web page to write their own HTML language, to learn programming, then the programming tool, and word is the same software, what you see is what you get in the software, you arranged into released web page is what. Later, this all don't need to, have a blog, you will only need to write, then appear weibo WeChat... can you see in the field of hardware and original web site the same path, a growing number of technical difficulties fall too low, more and more barriers in the creative, in the design, the user needs to grasp."

Well, to be sure, the most valuable in the future are those that have a nice young science and art taste, or familiar with the law of science and technology literature youth - and, of course, this is nonsense, because in any era, such people are scarce resources. In fact, in the end, the so-called fusion of technology and art, nature or by Internet, people often talk about that a few words: crossover and mix build, through. Human history, after all, the innovation model of the strongest operability, maximum range is not is to put the two things together, which was not related to such as very frankly said: a cook tomatoes with eggs, originally separated ingredients, was born, I just eat home cooking A poet will plant linked with emotion, I was born like a poem, "just think of regret in life, the plum flower fell down". A genius to its artistic talent and learned the art knowledge and communication tools, gave birth to the iPhone.

Beauty: one of the evolutionary direction of the technology

In 1984, Steven levy published the first book about hackers: hackers: computer revolution hero, he will be the Hacker's values are grouped into six "Hacker ethics" (Hacker they), one of which is - you can use a computer to create beauty and art.

In more close to the nature of sense, in the traditional concept of technology and art may not be completely the opposite role (in the past quite a long time, the technology has been called "useful arts"). For a long time, science and technology, or science, and scholars have always talked excitedly about the relationship between art, all sorts of metaphor also emerge in endlessly, can be described as: with technology extends the body, the soul of art deco. Break up but the science and art at the foot of the hill, and on the top of the mountain." This is flaubert said, I think say good. Due to human instinct dichotomy, or lack of knowledge, science and art are two different things in common sense, but personally, I tend to think that in a sense, the "art" covers in the scope of science, but it is too complicated to understand, at least for now in terms of science.

And extreme as Kevin kelly thought, technical elements include not only scientific and technological inventions, also have to calculate the human culture and art, the social system as well as a variety of thought and theory, if making web pages of thousands of lines of code can be called a "technology", thousands of elegant lines can also be so Shakespeare, "sonnet and Bach fugue and Google search engine and iPod belong to category: is the brain that is useful."

As you know, in his eyes, is called the technium is seventh life on earth. Technology elements and its human "parents", and all life forms, in essence is from disorderly to orderly self-organization process of the technology continuous improvement in the evolution of internal driving force and internal driving force of life completely equivalent - if people can answer what is the driving force of life within. "Technology is not invented by human mind and intelligence, a more accurate expression is that the human mind and wisdom to help its further development, because there is a behind the scenes of the force to promote the evolution of technology, human is just a tool of the technical development evolution."

So the hole is big uncle brain continue to argue that since science and technology is the extension of life, it is the same as life, follow the "entropy" outside forces promoting the evolution of the inherent direction, such as: more complex, more diversified, more promote symbiosis, raise awareness, etc., which is another direction, improve aesthetic -- well, it sounds very exaggerated, in a sense, now science and technology company in the pursuit of elegant design, maybe it is technical element in this evolution direction of shallow levels of performance.

"Most of the aesthetic evolution of things, the most beautiful thing is the highest level of evolution, from globular diatom to jellyfish to jaguar, show we called deep characteristics of aesthetic feeling." KK wrote, "our worship of technology driven by technology element inner beauty, the beauty is used to be masked, at that time, it is still in its early development stage, is not very pleasing. Compared with the natural mother, industrialization impressive is dirty, ugly and stupid... don't want only utility color science and technology, it wants to be art, beautiful and 'useless'. Today some of the most commonly used technology in the future will become a beautiful worthless things. Maybe 100 years later people carry 'phone', just because they like to carry things, even though they may be through with an object and the network connection." Hence, under this logic deduction, "the beauty of the technology will increase year by year, in the not too distant future, luxuriant degree of some parts of the technical elements will be comparable to the grandeur of the nature."

Well, beautiful or not is important, but in my opinion, the priority, is to ensure that no aesthetic feeling, such as qr code dogskin plasters general ugly technology to die as soon as possible.