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Housing accumulation fund management rules will revise: purpose or diversity
Time : 2015/5/23    Clicks : 2497    Public:Shenzhen CHY Technology Co., Ltd

The expert thinks, accumulation fund management center should be upgraded to a housing bank

A few days ago, "about 2015's opinions on deepening the reform of economic system the key work points out" to study and put forward the deepening housing system reform implementation plan, revision of housing accumulation fund management regulations ".

"The revision or focused on the accumulation fund use diversification, reduce the extraction threshold, and the accumulation fund investment scope, limit indicators refining, etc." Cic advisory, a senior researcher at Zheng Yujie said in an interview with "securities journal" reporter.

According to the existing regulations on the management of housing accumulation fund regulation, one is for personal housing loan of housing accumulation fund, 2 it is to buy bonds, 3 it is bank deposits. In addition, housing accumulation fund loan and the role of supporting the construction of low-cost housing pilot.

According to "securities daily" reporter understanding, in 2012, the national capital of balance of housing accumulation fund deposit rates of about 3.56% on average, just slightly higher than the one-year deposit interest rate. Worker personal accounts deposit rates by an average of 2.4%, less than at the same time the CPI, caused the unused housing accumulation fund capture puts worker larger interest losses. As of March 2014, the national housing accumulation fund balance has been as high as 3.2 trillion yuan.

Zheng Yujie believed that along with the ability of the financial market reform and the accumulation fund management, the future accumulation fund is expected to expand the scope of investment, in addition to government bonds, may invest in bonds repurchase, universal insurance products, funds or stocks, etc. To strengthen the wind control, improve the management and supervision, realize the accumulation fund of the value, to protect the person that capture puts the basic income.

Million, deputy director of the institute, a think-tank, listed enterprise, research Zhang Huadong said in an interview with "securities journal" reporter, accumulation fund of the adjustment of the scope, in the future under the condition of urban and rural areas as a whole, the use of the accumulation fund may be extended to the country.

Founder securities and real estate industry researcher Zhao Reqiong thinks, out of respect for governance structure and capital value, for it has an important role in housing finance accumulation fund center, should upgrade as the professional housing bank, at present, should find a way out on assets revitalize and fund use.

It is worth mentioning that there are many provincial policies, such as allowing accumulation fund beyond the scope of loans, rural migrant workers into the system of housing accumulation fund, etc., has been in the industry as a "ice-breaking" housing accumulation fund management.